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Alfred Konuwa is a stand-up comedian and writer who is frequently published and broadcasted on Forbes as well as Bleacher Report.


With an infectious, high-energy style that is both crowd-pleasing and edgy, Konuwa tackles a myriad of issues with a uniquely absurd perspective to deliver a refreshing viewpoint that simultaneously challenges and entertains audiences. 


Highlights in Konuwa's standup career include memorable performances at the 2018 Broke LA Comedy Festival, the popular Kill Tony podcast and the Roast Battle inside the World Famous Comedy Store. In addition to showcasing for NBC, he has performed for several renowned comedy clubs across California such as the Icehouse and the Comedy Palace.


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A proud Liberian born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Konuwa grew up in Chico, California. There, not only did he go to high school with Aaron Rodgers, but more importantly, Aaron Rodgers went to high school with him.

Konuwa graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Business Economics, an Emphasis in Accounting and a Minor in Sports Management. 

After bombing violently during an open mic at the Comedy Store in his first night doing standup, Konuwa fell in love with the craft and has never looked back. At the end of the day, Alfred simply wants every girl who ever stopped returning his text messages to see him stunting on television one day and be like "goddamnit, I knew it."

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